Norfolk NEU


Type in ‘Where to teach’ and search engines will offer you the delights of working abroad or in Independent schools

However, there are some brilliant schools in Norfolk and they work hard to recruit and retain their teaching staff. Norfolk NEU will gladly inform members which ones we would consider to be excellent employees.

This website allows you to search the schools in Norfolk and find out how Norfolk NEU values them as an employer.

The criteria is based on conditions of service detailed within the School Teacher Pay and Conditions Document and Burgundy Book – the ‘gold’ standard of what a teacher can expect when teaching related to pay, working time etc

Added to this are other legislative entitlements representation rights, policy consultation etc

Finally, we value any employers’ recognition of Health and Saftey duty of care especially in regard to workload and stress.

Schools and academies have been ranked in their commitment to favourable conditions, Norfolk NEU, value as the best a school or academy can offer any teacher they hope to recruit and keep.