From time to time, even after extensive negotiation on our behalf, some employers do not meet the standard we expect. The live disputes below mean our members face a detriment in conditions of service compared to other professional colleagues in the County.

As a result, we strongly advise you to contact us before starting a post at these institutions.

HEART Trust, Norwich. 15 January 2018 – Use of a Non-Agreed Policy

The NEU (NUT & ATL) and NASUWT have contacted HEART Trust to raise a dispute over the non-agreed Probation Policy
Contracts can be terminated
NB The Trust has discretion to terminate employment before the end of the stated probationary period where progress has not been satisfactory: it is not necessary to wait for the Conclusion of Probation meeting. The employee will be notified that a probationary review meeting will have this as a potential outcome and that the Academy Headteacher / Chief Executive (as appropriate) will attend.
We hope to get around the negotiating table ASAP and the Trust will agree to scrap the Probation Policy and replace it with an Induction Policy
If the Trust does not move on our request, the Unions will have to ballot members across the Trust to take Industrial Action


The Trust have said they will not ‘freeze’ the use of termination whilst we negotiate as stipulated under Burgundy Book;

No action to implement decisions relating to the dispute until the conciliation procedures set out below had been fully utilised

We are obviously disappointed with this and will urge the Trust to comply with conciliation expectations. If they do not, we will have to escalate to a ballot for Action

As a result, we will be contacting all Norfolk members to make them aware of the use of a non-agreed policy and ask them to contact us before looking to work in a HEART school